Sunday, March 10, 2013

Changing People's Lives

My son, Charlie, enjoying life the way we all should.
I love my life. It might sound cheesy, but I really do. I love working from home. I have over 250 people on my team worldwide, and that grows every single day. Today is only March 10, and I have already helped 53 people start working from home. FIFTY-THREE!! I can't even begin to tell you how humbling that is. I have been fortunate enough to work from home for the past 16 months. I was only doing it for 5 hours a week for my first year, and I still earned $10,075.86. That's an average of $38.75 per hour completely from home! this year, I decided to take the big leap and put as much work as I possibly could into it and see if I can make over $250,000 this year. 

I posted the pic of my son, Charlie, on the left because he just has such joy on his face. That look on his face is how everyone should feel about their own life. It's how I feel about mine right now.

This weekend, I called every business builder on my team that has helped someone this month. I either spoke with them personally or left a message. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of my team. TWENTY-NINE people grew their businesses this week and earned a minimum bonus of $25. One woman, Alicia, earned $250 in bonuses alone this week-- And that's a minimum! To know that makes me feel so, so, so proud. I helped Alicia make a difference in her life, and I'm thrilled that she is one of the leaders on my team.

There are so many people out there that genuinely want to work from home - are DESPERATE to make money from home - but they just don't know how to get started. Because of this, they end up getting scammed. It saddens me so much when I hear of people getting scammed, because there really are legitimate ways to earn money from home. I am very fortunate to be able to work with the BEST work from home company out there: debt-free, privately held, A+ rated by the BBB, no sales, no parties, no inventory, no investment... A company that really wants the little guy to get ahead. Well, I am  a "little guy" in the grand scheme of society. Therefore, I should ROCK this business. And, quite frankly, I am. If you want to rock the business with me, shoot me an email or friend me on FaceBook, and I will help you the way that I have helped so many other people.

Bonny, my friend & business partner
One of the women on my team is named Bonny, and she lives in Canada. I love Bonny. She works with my with my travel agency, Candy Cain Travel. She's got a wicked sense of humor and is a great friend. She has been working with me for a little over a year and has gone up and down with her business. Fortunately for me, Bonny is back and building her business with a passion. Just check out the website that she created! Not only that, we work as marketing executives for an international wellness company. Bonny even created a video that shows exactly how important it is to have all-natural products in your home, instead of the crap that you are using already. Bonny is amazing, and I'm so thrilled to be working with her.

If you recall, I've been doing my Green Paperclip Project to show how well marketing can work without having to invest any money. In my last blog entry about trades, Bonny messaged me right away and told me that she would love to trade me a Caramel Pear Crisp Scentsy Bar ($5) for my Bic ballpoint pen. Bonny's trade came all the way from Alberta, Canada and I'm ready to trade it up. Check it out:

Caramel Pear Crisp Scentsy Bar - Worth $5
If you want to trade up, I ask that your item be worth at least $8.50. If it's worth at least $10, I will promote the heck out of your business in my next blog entry after I receive your trade. And, if you don't want to trade but are interested in purchasing something from Scentsy, please be sure to check out Bonny's online Scentsy store. If you're interested in working from home and don't want to contact me to join my team, contact Bonny instead-- Especially if you live in Canada.

I love my life. I can help you love yours again, and feel the way my son looks in the picture at the top of this entry. Who wouldn't want that kind of joy?


  1. Oops...I did not see this one when I commented before. I have a paua shell pendant ($6) and I will include a silver chain ($15 total)! Will send you a FB photo.

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