Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thinking Outside the Box: Getting Leads

Every now and again, I will write a blog entry specifically for people that want to build a business, that are on my team, that are in the same company on other people's teams, or even just people that are considering working with me that are in another business-- Or even to just see how I operate my business and help people.  This is one of those blog entries.

If you aren't interested in learning how to get leads for your business, or if you aren't interested in out-of-the-box ideas I get for my team, then skip this entry. Don't worry-- There will be another one that will interest you soon.

My check will be MUCH bigger for the work I do in March.

Here is the story:

I am a part of another networking group, and this woman was saying how she makes thousands of dollars every month, just by posting links. I, of course, thought It was a scam. She posted a pic of PayPal deposits that she received, totaling over $6000. Out of curiosity, I clicked her link and was brought to a page where I just had to enter my name and email. I figured that I would receive some sort of generic email or something. So, I clicked through and was brought to an affiliate network, instructing me to complete an offer so that I could “get started today.”

Of course, I was like “SCREW THIS!” I didn’t want to complete any offers-- I didn’t want to give my social security number, credit card, personal info, etc. So, I closed out the webpage and went on my merry way, not even giving it a second though.

That is, until I got an email from the woman whose link I clicked in the first place. And it wasn’t a generic email-- It was a personal, private email from this woman’s personal private email address.

Then it dawned on me: This woman got my contact information. I am a lead for her.



Since I started working from home, I’ve been looking for a way to get “real” leads. I’m not talking about leads that you can buy where people might be interested in working from home. I wanted something where I could connect with people that actually wanted to work from home and let them listen to the opportunity that I have to offer, and potentially find people that really want to work from home.

By just filling out my information, this woman got my email address. If I was able to get people to fill out the page that I filled out, it would indicate to me that they wanted to earn money from home. AND I WOULD HAVE THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!

I finally had a way to generate leads. If I could get my own link, people would be able to fill out their information and have it delivered to me directly. Then I would know that they were interested in working from home, and I could set an appointment with them.

I wanted to do it. Nay, I needed to do it. So, I completed what I was told was the “first part” of getting set up. It cost me $1, and I was ready to go. Then, I was told by the scam artist (and BELIEVE ME, she was certainly a scam artist) that I had to do the second part before I was able to get my personal link, but it should only cost me another $4.

Four hours, $80 and a massive headache later, I learned that I was, indeed, scammed. I filled out all of these stupid offers and whatnot, and ended up getting charged all sorts of money. Fortunately, I was able to get it ALL back within 48 hours. Honestly, I didn’t care about the $80, because this is something that I was experimenting with for my team of 200+ people. If it worked, all of the people on my team that wanted to try to get their own leads would be able to. They would be able to sign up for this offer, and I would give them the email that they could copy and paste to set appointments with the leads that they got.

Know what? It’s freaking working!!!!!!

In the past 48 hours of setting up my page, I got 17 leads. I have set two appointments so far. Those are 17 people that I KNOW want to work from home! It’s fantastic.

Now, you need to keep in mind that we ARE NOT using this website to make money directly from the website. If you do, great-- Congratulations. What you WANT is the ability to contact people that genuinely want to work from home. You want to get their emails, and send them an introduction letter. Folks, I have already written the letter that you can copy and paste to them, and just tailor it to yourself with your own link and name, It’s just CTRL-C, CTRL-V into an email. Then it is up to you to cultivate those leads.

So, how do you do it? Simple:

1. Click here:

2. Fill out your contact information.

3. Wait for an email from me.


You will get an ACTUAL email from me. NO ONE else gets your email address-- Just me. That email explains your next step.

Just be aware that you WILL have to complete one offer and you WILL have to pay $1. If you don’t want to do it, no problem. It’s just a way that you get a link (like the one I posted above) that you can post EVERYWHERE. You can create pics, ads, banners, etc. and place them around the internet-- It doesn’t matter!!! People will see it. People will click it. You will get their email addresses. You start communicating with them. It’s fantastic.

I like to think outside the box. This is really thinking outside the box, and it is going to help me earn a LOT of money. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am… Especially since it is going to help a lot of people on my team, too.

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