Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2014. I feel like there should be flying cars and homes that looked like they are straight out of The Jetsons. I, like many others, have made some New Years Resolutions. The one I will mention in this blog is that I am determined to be COMPLETELY debt-free by the end of the year: All credit cards, student loans, etc... They will be gone by December 31, 2014. I'm determined to do it. I know I can-- Especially working from home with a company that encourages its people to become debt-free. Heck, they even partnered with the financial guru Dave Ramsey to give the people that work with them tips about saving money and becoming debt-free. How could you NOT want to work with a company like this?

I'm all about sharing this year. I don't pressure-- I share. And I would love to share what I do from home with you. I want other people to be able to experience the flexibility that I experience working from home. It is so liberating to know that I'm going to receive a check for no less than $600 every single month regardless of whether I work or not. I know that it is going to be there, no matter what. Maybe $600 doesn't sound like a lot of money to you, but it means that I don't have to worry about the tuition payment for my kids to go to Catholic School. It's there. It's awesome.

A few entries ago, I wrote about the Blessing Gold Club.  You know... Where I had to send in $109 and get $37,500 in return? Well, it has been six months, and I haven't received one dime. Not even a penny. Can you imagine my shock and dismay? Oh, wait... I signed something giving them my money and saying that I didn't expect anything in return. How is that fair? I didn't have to do any work at all! I sent in $100 and waited. Why didn't I get any money back?

Folks, do you see how utterly ridiculous that is?

I am looking for people that truly want to WORK from home. I want people that are motivated, self-starters, responsible, reliable and focused. No, this isn't an MLM-- I've tried many MLMs in the past, and always got burned. I've never gotten burned in the two and a half years that I've worked with this company. Never. You won't either.

If you want to work with me, send me a friend request on FaceBook or shoot me an email. Let's set up a time to chat.