Sunday, July 7, 2013

Call me crazy...

Sally, Antonio and Me - Goofing off at Convention!
I am a fun-loving individual. I am boisterous. I am out-going. I don't sugarcoat anything. I used to be a professional actress and even had my own television show in development. I have never done well with the 9 - 5 job, so I've always thought outside of the box. I owned a theatre company. I own a travel and event planning company, Candy Cain Travel.  I've done PartyLite, Pampered Chef, Aloette, Monavie, Avon and Mary Kay, and I learned that I stink at sales. I've looked into Amway and Shaklee-- Not interested in sales. I tried Instant Rewards-- too much effort for too little return, plus it's a scam that won't let you opt out if you want to. I signed up for Rippln, thinking that it was going to be free, and it turns out that there is a financial risk that I'm just not willing to take.

I'm your average, ordinary, American mom that wants a better life for her kids, but also gets to spend as much time as possible with them while working. Is that too much to ask?

My son, Charlie. I don't miss ANYTHING now!
Fortunately, I was introduced to a company in 2009 that I partnered with in 2011 that allows me to do just that: Spend time with my kids and make money from home. 

I paid $29 to enroll and do some of my monthly grocery shopping through the company. In return, I get to make as much money from home as I want-- Unlimited. It depends on me and what I want to put into it. I'm shopping somewhere else anyway, so why not?

I first started my business on August 6, 2011 and I worked for 5 hours per week. In my first year (working about 260 hours total), I earned $10,075.86-- That's $38.75 per hour! I decided to put more time into it. In 22 months, I have earned a hair over $23,000. I don't pay for gas, which is a big deal because I currently drive a gas-guzzling 2006 Jeep. I get a ton of tax deductions. I make what I want to earn, and I get to help people do the same. I love my job. I love this company. It has changed my life, and I really consider it a blessing.

I am a big believer in blessings. I donate to charity. I help as many people as I possibly can change their lives for the better. I believe that I am an inherently good person, and I really go out of my way to help people.

My daughter, Catie, who is my mini-me!
So, when someone named Amy added me to a FaceBook group called the Blessing Gold Club, I didn't remove myself the way I usually remove myself from groups that people add me to without my permission. (Considering I have over 3600 FaceBook "friends," I get added to a lot.) I let it sit and watched it grow...

And grow...

And GROW!!

I was one of the first people in this group. There are now over 20,000 people in it. Why? Because of word of mouth. People refer others who refer others who refer others... And so the beat goes on. 

So, what do you do with the Blessing Gold Club, exactly? You "Bless" someone by sending in $109 to a PO Box in PA. You must send it in cash and fill out a statement saying that you do not expect any money in return. Then, you wait. Eventually, you will receive "blessings"-- Money sent to you in cash. There are eight rounds. In the seventh round, you receive $24,600.  The total "blessings" you receive for sending in that $100 is $38,100. But you also get blessed with a couple of other positions, and it turns into more. But, let's just use the $38,100 total. that is 381 people PER PERSON that has to send in $109 in order for someone to make the entire promised amount.

The math doesn't work for me, but whatever. I think the hope is that this NEVER ends, and people just keep recycling money over and over again. Like I said, there are 20,000 people in the group. Let's say that 10,000 of them send in $109. That's $1,009,000! 

Can you imagine what would happen if all of those people decided to save money on their groceries, spend $29 to enroll and start earning money from home? It would just be extraordinary-- So many people to help.

A fool and her money?
So, guess what I did? I filled out the "here's your $109, and I don't want anything back" form and will be sending it in tomorrow. Do I expect anything back? Absolutely not. I'm a member of a club that blesses other people. 

Now let me clarify something: I am not a financially rich woman. (Yet.) I am rich in other parts of my life, and my finances are finally catching up. If someone needs to keep the $109 because they have something bad going on in their life that they need to get out of, so be it. I don't have money to just throw away. SOMETHING is telling me to do this, and I always listen to that little voice, so I'm doing it. If I get my $109 back, fantastic. If I get more than that back, I am going to "bless" someone new each time.

I don't have a lot of friends, especially in my area. Blessing Gold Club has put me in touch with a lot of like-minded people, and many of them have asked me about working from home. A lot of them have actually been really encouraging to me. A few of them have hit me up to recruit me for their home business. And two have flat out asked me for money.

I am not expecting any "blessings" back, to be completely honest with you. I really wanted to connect with people that are looking to earn money from home-- And these people clearly want to bring in money. I'm not going to harass anyone, but if they ask me about what I do, I'm happy to let them know. Who knows? Maybe the Blessing Gold Club is going to be a bigger blessing for me because it put me in touch with the people I want to connect with.

People that I can bless with a real way to work from home-- And you don't have to sign anything that says you don't expect to receive any money. In actuality, you have to sign a form with my company and give a social security number (or social insurance number if you're in Canada) because you are EXPECTED to make money. (CLICK HERE for more info on my company.)

With that, I leave you with a video that my friend and business partner Carole sent me about what we do. It's a good laugh for those of you that already work in my field: