Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Power of Marketing: Car Exercises

Many people lump sales and marketing together. Without marketing, sales would be lower-- After all, who would buy soething they never heard about? Without sales, marketing still exists. It doesn't matter if something is sold or not-- Of course, sales means that marketing is effective.
Marketing and advertising should go hand in hand. In layman's terms, marketing is telling people about something or bringing attention to something. Successful marketing means that people participate in whatever the marketing message is: Sales, travel, protests, etc.
I am going to do two exercises in marketing: one WITHOUT any money and one WITH money, so you can see what I ramble about in this blog. It has nothing to do with my business, but will demonstrate to you how effective marketing works.
Before I even go on, let me explain to you my basis of these exercises. As you know, my husband was in a massive car accident on January 11, 2012. He was hit, head on, by a drunk driver:

We were leasing the Tucson, and had $5000 to go. Unfortunately, our car was totaled out and we are still waiting for the payment from the insurance company after they pay off the lien. I think it's $5000. You can't get a car for $5000, and we aren't going to go into debt to get a car. Right now, he's still tooling around in a horrible rental car, until we get that check. (And Lord only knows when we're going to get that.)
In 2005, a guy named Kyle MacDonald created something called the Red Paperclip Project. In this project, he started out with a red paperclip and traded up to a house. The cool thing is that he didn't even try to market his project. People just picked up on it and ran with it. He traded up from a red paperclip to a house in Sasketchewan, Canada.
So, I'm going to do something in the same vein as Kyle, but I'm going to change a couple of things up:
  1. I am starting out with a 1" green, metallic paperclip.
  2. I will trade for ANYTHING worth more what I am currently holding.
  3. I will NOT travel to you to make the trade, unless you pay for my travel expenses or if you live within 3 hours of me. All other trades will be done through the mail, UPS or FedEx.
  4. My final trade will be to a "new" car made in 2012 or later, and in excellent driving condition. (I don't need a house.)
  5. Everyone that trades will receive a "plug" on this blog, including a link to the website of their choice. (Sorry, no porn.)
  6. All trades are final.
Yep, I'm starting with a paperclip, too. And here it is:
What do you have that you will trade for this paperclip? As soon as I receive an offer of a trade, I will update the blog. When the trade is complete, I will take another picture for the next trade. You can either post in the comments section, message me on FaceBook, or email me.
I don't have information on this, as I am waiting for approval. I will update this blog as soon as get the approval. However, Exercise #2 will last just 90 days.

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