Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hey, Moms!

I own a talent management and consultation company, called Cain Talent. I have a lot of kids on my talent roster with moms that want to work from home. Basically, these moms want the ability to create their own schedules so that they can TRULY put their kids first.
I've been working with this wellness company since before I started Cain Talent. That's since August of 2011, folks... TWO YEARS since before I started Cain Talent. I've been working EXTREMELY part time, and I've earned $33,000. Some months, I don't work at all, and I still get a check for like $600. I set my business up ONCE and get paid on it in perpetuity.
It's a simple concept. It's a lot of fun. And, yes, you can make a really nice amount of money. No investment, no quotas, no sales, no pestering friends for parties... Just setting up accounts for people to do some of their monthly grocery shopping. It's freaking fantastic.
People in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England and Scotland can join my team and get started working immediately. It's MARKETING, not sales. And, frankly, it's a ton of fun. If you're interested in joining my team, send me a friend request on FaceBook or shoot me an email. Let's chat!