Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change Your Life For $1

I haven't written in a while, and I'm sorry. I have been outrageously busy this month with traveling, getting ready for the holidays, working with new people, trying to help others with their business, growing my own, etc. You get the idea. UNBELIEVABLE busy, and my blog is what has suffered. Sorry about that. I'll try to be better.

First and foremost, I made Director III this month. I'm so excited! With that came a $600 bonus, which is being paid out in three monthly installments. My check was over $700. Take a look:

So, that brings my total to $2,271.87 since August 7 of this year. That averages to over $750 per month. Not too shabby, if you're asking me-- Especially since this is something that I am still doing on a part-time basis. I don't have the ability to do it full-time at the moment, but I hope to in 2013. (2012 is riddled with seminars, destination weddings and conferences all over the world.)

It is usually $29 to join my team. Until November 30, it is a mere $1. You enroll, confirm, and go shopping for products you would buy at the grocery store anyway. Oh, did I mention that you are guaranteed $500 if you enroll eight (8) people by the end of the month? Yeah, you heard me. $500 guaranteed for enrolling eight people that confirm and shop, too.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I joined my best friend, Dionne, and started this side business. This is a major roller coaster ride with all of the ups and downs, but it is also a lot of fun. Email me if you'd like to get on the ride, too. And, hey, it's a buck until the 30th.


GOAL: $1,000,000

EARNED: $2,271.87