Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life Happens.

It has been over a month that I have written, but I do have good excuses.  My first excuse:

Please don't drink & drive
Now, I'm not going to get on a soapbox about drinking and driving... My husband was hit by a drunk driver on the night of January 11, just before midnight. He had just left work and was coming home, and some stupid kid was driving northbound in the southbound lane. He smashed into my husband's Hyundai Tucson - HEAD ON - and totaled our car.

Seriously, don't drink & drive. Please.
Fortunately, my husband walked away from the accident. He's still in pain and going to doctors and getting different testing-- Let me tell you, that is NOT a call you want to get at 11:58pm. You see that smash in the windshield? His hand went through it. The EMTs on scene thought it was his head. Very, very, very scary for our family.

Not to give working from home a plug, but you have NO idea how comforting it was for me to be able to drive him to the hospital and the doctor and the lawyer and so forth, and not have to worry about calling in sick to a job. I have some amazing people on my team - Sally even came with me the night of the accident so I wasn't alone - and they picked up some slack for me. It was just really, really, really comforting.

FYI - The drunk wasn't hurt, either. As a matter of fact, he was released on $500 bail the next morning. No comment.

The second reason why I wasn't around was because I wanted to spend some quality time with my kids:

I thought I had other pics of me and the kids on this computer, but I don't... I took them to Disney. You see, you never know when it's your time, and you need to make every minute of your life count. Do I want my kids to remember me as always being away? Or do I want them to remember amazing times that we spent together?

Last year, I went to Mexico 14 times for my travel business, Candy Cain Travel. I also went to the Dominican Republic, Vegas, and Minneapolis for travel work. If you add up all of the time I spent away from my family, it was about three months. Was it lucrative? Sure. However, working this business from home can (and will) be even MORE lucrative. Last year, I had 26 destination weddings on the books. This year, however, I have one that I am personally doing. Unless it's a REALLY special wedding, I would much prefer to focus on working from home. (This wedding, however, is going to be AMAZING, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it in May.)

My husband getting into the accident and me seeing all of the time I spent away made me realize that this could have happened while I was out of the country, and not able to do ANYTHING - except cry and panic - from where I was. Not only was I able to take the time I needed for him, but my business has been going so well - I was #4 in the company last month - that I am going to purchase a car and get reimbursed from the company!! I don't have to get a Pink Cadillac-- I can choose whatever car I want, and I get $400 per month for it. As a matter of fact, my husband and I started picking out the car three days before the accident... We're revisiting what we want to do and will come back to it after the dust settles.

The bottom line is this: Life Happens. However, where exactly will you be when it does? I know where I want to be, and that is with my family. Because I work from home, I'm able to spend time with my kids. I'm able to do goofy stuff like this:

That's a centerpiece for the Father-Daughter Dance at my kids' school. I'm a co-chair, and am able to contribute TONS to it, including coming up with the decorations. (Incidentally, my mom made those. I just found them on Pinterest, with the help of my friend Molly.) I'm also helping with their Chinese Auction.

And I'm taking my kids to a dude ranch for a couple of days in February. And I bring them to Gymnastics every week. And my daughter goes to twirling every week, and I'm the one that takes her. And... And... And...

Even if you don't have kids, this is totally something that you can do to save for a brighter future: No debt, world travel, everything you could ever want or need-- And you can provide it for yourself, just by working from home.

December was a light month for me. I earned $1403.95 for 61 hours of work. That breaks down to a little over $23 per hour. Not too shabby, considering I literally work in my PJs after I put my kids to sleep. If you want to learn how to do what I do, or just find out more about it, either shoot me a message, get me on FaceBook, or call 631.954.1919. I'm happy to give you details.

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