Monday, September 12, 2011

The Deal

I love my husband. I do. We've been married for six years, and we are completely opposite. COMPLETELY. You have no idea. He's rational. I'm creative. He's traditional. I'm contemporary. He's level-headed. I'm hot-tempered. You get the idea.

Well, with my first bonus payment of $620.20, I paid off our Lowe's credit card and closed the account. To celebrate, we went out to dinner. I told him about the company that I had been working with for the past month, and he said, "It's a scam." I explained to him how it's not a scam, and how I am poised to make a serious amount of money. "You'll never make more than $5,000 in a year," he said. "No one will be able to. These kids of companies just aren't set up that way."

On the way home, I had him listen to a CD that I had been listening to that I purchased from the company. (Incidentally, I purchased the CD because I wanted to, not because it was required of me.) he laughed out loud during the whole thing. He told me this morning that listening to the CD made the whole thing even worse for him, solidifying in his mind that the whole thing is a scam. I was so frustrated, especially since how I saw the company was working for me. I even pointed out to him that I earned $620.20 so far.

"Yeah, sure," he said. "How much did you have to spend to earn that?" Honestly, I spent $68.13. So, my profit this month was $594.07 just in my bonuses. Checks are sent out on the 15th of every month, so I'm not entirely sure what I am going to earn based on the commissions from everyone else's orders. I do know that I'm going to get half of my advancement bonus this month and the other half next month-- $300 each month. And I have $50 from developing a director. I don't know what else there is.

While we were talking at dinner, after he made the $5,000 comment, I told him that I was going to make it to the top tier in this company. Sighed and shook his head, as if to say, "Poor, naive Candice." he has seen me do Mary Kay, Aloette, Pampered Chef, Party Lite... You name it... And fail at it. I never turned a true profit. At least, not like this. And I had to spend upwards of $100 to enroll in each of them.

But what I am doing now is different. he doesn't believe me.

So, we made a little deal. With this company, when you advance to the highest tier, you actually given a big bonus check on the stage at the yearly convention. As I have mentioned in one of my very first blog entries, I saw two people receive these checks at convention One for $181,000 and the other for $163,000. I told my husband that when I make this tier, he has to open the check on the stage in front of everyone, after telling them what he said to me and about my business. He has to tell everyone at the convention that he told me that I wouldn't be able to earn more than $5,000 per year. And then HE will open the check.

Forget the million I want to earn. having my husband do that on stage is worth waaaaay more to me.

As I was driving to the bank, my regional director called me to congratulate me on that morning's new team member. I told him about the conversation with my husband on 9/10/11 and what I wanted to do. He made notes on my file, and told me that he would definitely make it happen. Needless to say, I'm more determined than ever.

So, to summarize the deal:

When I make the top tier for this company, my husband will be on stage with me to accept the check that is presented. He will open the check in front of everyone, then tell them how he said I wouldn't be able to make more than $5,000 per year with this company and how it was a scam.

Is it awful of me to make him publicly eat his words?

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