Saturday, September 3, 2011

Armchair Millionaire

Have you ever heard the term "Armchair Traveler"? It's when people live vicariously through those that go on trips, or read about different lands that they want to visit, but never travel anywhere and just stay home. I have decided that I am going to become an "Armchair Millionaire." I am going to make one million dollars with this side business that I'm blogging about, without having to leave my home to go to work.

That's right. One million dollars.

I can do it, too. I understand the business model, and that's the most important thing. I think that people get too caught up in the products and view it as a sales job, like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef. (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with either of those companies, by the way. They're just not for me. I've already tried them, and I didn't make enough money. not my thing.) I don't want to carry an inventory. I don't want to meet a quota. I don't want to be penalized for not bringing in the business that someone else wants me to bring in. I want to run MY business as though it is MY business. Is that so wrong?

Fortunately, this company allows me to do just that. And I'm succeeding with it. I might not become a millionaire overnight, but I will certainly get there. So, keep track with me, folks, as I become an Armchair Millionaire. Even better, join my team and become one with me. I'll teach you how.

GOAL: $1,000,000

EARNED: $662.20


** Please note that I am NOT using money from any other source of income. I want the $1,000,000 to come directly from this side business.


  1. Keep at it Candice, you will make it. Many people want to earn but are afraid to do what it takes. See you at the top.

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