Thursday, May 15, 2014

NOW is the Time

As you all know, I work from home. Yes, I own a successful talent management company and a travel agency, but that's not what I am talking about. After I started Candy Cain Travel and before I started Cain Casting & Talent Management, my best friend approached me about working with her on a marketing team. I resisted because I thought it was sales-- You've read my blog. You know the history. (And if you haven't, perhaps you should read some older entries.) I've been working this business since August 9, 2011. Some months I work a lot. Some months I don't work at all. Every single month, I get a check. It never fails-- No matter how much or little I work, I get a check. And none of my checks have ever been under $370.

Not too shabby for a company where you don't invest anything and don't have to sell anything.

I'm at Convention now.  They revealed a new compensation plan that knocked my socks off. There is such an incredible opportunity to earn money from home with this company, it's absolutely astonishing. Mind-boggling. AMAZING.

I am so unbelievably excited. We don't sell anything. They even revealed a new policy stating that we are not allowed to sell the products that the company makes!!! So, no, it isn't an MLM.

No investment. No sales. No inventory. No risk. Work on your own time. Free up your time so you can be with your family. Pay off your debt. Change your life.

NOW is the time to change. If you don't change things for yourself, who is going to change the outcome of your life?


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