Friday, May 16, 2014

Candy's Weightloss Challenge

Isn't it ironic to see "Candy" and "Weightloss" in the same sentence? HAH! Well, this Candy is going to inspire you to lose weight and get in shape... And you get to do it with me.

Now, I've been working with this company for nearly three years. I've earned over $30,000 working very part time. I'm currently at the yearly convention, and I've had some marvelous training. I just learned all sorts of things about three of the products-- All guaranteed to help you lose weight, maintain a healthy blood glucose level and get into better shape overall.

Right now, my shape is a bit round. I'd much prefer to go for hourglass.

What's your shape?

Learning about these products got me to thinking... There are so many of my friends that I know want to lose weight and get in shape. I see FaceBook posts and Tweets all the time about people complaining about the shape they're in and how they need to lose weight. Hell, I'm one of these people. I need to lose weight. I'm not at a healthy weight.

But I absolutely HATE exercise. I hate the gym. I tried Zumba, but I skipped out after the first class and went for ice cream with my friend. Exercise and I don't mesh. At least, right now we don't. Maybe that will change in the future.

I don't have a support team for weightloss, either. I get snarky comments from family members (who shall remain nameless-- but NOT my husband), which aren't very productive. I hate shopping for myself because I don't like looking at myself in a mirror. I used to be 5'9" tall and a size 6 in high school. Now I'm nearly 5'10" tall and a size 16/18.

I want to change. And I know that there are a lot of people that want to change, too.

I've tried NutriSystem ($500 blown), Jenny Craig ($440 blown), and countless others. With those two, I did them for a little over a month each. That's nearly $1000 that I spent, and I'm no better than I was before. Plus, those products have all sorts of chemicals in them.

The company I work for has a natural solution for weightloss, and I'm diving into it head first on June 1. I know that I need a support team, so I've created Candy's Weightloss Challenge. It isa 90 day weightloss challenge and the person that has dropped the highest percentage of body fat wins $150.

Now, that's $150 out of my own pocket. You can take it cash, gift card, check, PayPal, whatever. But, September 1, all of the photos and measurements are due.

This is how it's going to work:

1. You enroll in the shopping club I'm a part of for $1. It's a one time fee.

2. You purchase a 30 day supply of the weightloss shake and exercise bars ($83.86 before tax and shipping).

3. You take a before photo of yourself facing forward, sideways and back to the camera in tight-fitting clothes and email them to Candy.

4. You weigh yourself and take the measurements of your bust, waist and hips, and send your weight and measurements to Candy. (Don't worry- your secret is safe.)

5. You eat an exercise bar 15 minutes before you work out once per day. Going to a walk for 30 minutes ABSOLUTELY counts as exercise!!! (That's what I'm going to do, fyi.) If you can't exercise, there is another effective way to use these bars-- Which I will write out in the instuctions when you join the challenge!

6. You drink a shake as a replacement for breakfast.

7. On day 21, you weigh yourself, take measurements, take pictures and send them to Candy. If you are happy with the results, place your order for the next 30 days through your account. If you're not, cancel and send your used items back. You will get a refund.

8. Repeat for days 31 - 60 and 61 - 90.

9. The winner receives $150.

This is the very basic weightloss regimen. There are other regimens that you can do, but they are a lot more costly and I know that people would be hesitant to try it. But know that this is a 100% money back guarantee through the company. You are enrolled with the company and you shop directly through them. I don't sell anything. I'm a customer with this company. I placed my order. I'm ready to rock 'n roll.

I saw the story of a woman today who weighed 550lbs two years ago, when this shake came out. She lost 280 lbs. If she can do it, I can do it. Of that, I'm sure.

I will create a FaceBook group for everyone that wants to do this challenge. You can refer your friends to the challenge. As a matter of fact, for every friend that you refer to this challenge, the company will pay you $25. Get a bunch of friends and do it together.

Who knows? Maybe this challenge will be so successful that  I will run it again in 3 months with an even bigger prize.

If you want in, shoot me a message. I'll set you up with your account so you can choose the flavors of the shakes and bars, and have everything sent to you. Then I'll add you into the FaceBook group and we'll start on June 1.

Let's do it!


  1. The program is NOT clear to me - how many exercise bars and how many shakes do I ingest in a day?

    Also, I have chronic pain and could not walk for more than 10-15 at a time - can I still do it?

  2. yes, Lise, you can. You drink one shake and eat one exercise bar per day.