Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BOOYAH. Money.

I wanted to start this blog entry off with an attention-grabber. That's my check for the work I did in March. And, as I posted in my last entry, last month was a rough month working from home for me because I had a lot of other commitments. Still, I was able to earn the largest check that I have earned (so far) with this company. I am SO excited about it, too. My twins' birthday party at the Children's Museum of the East End this Saturday. Guess what is going to pay for it??? STOKED.

Anyone can do this business. ANYONE. As long as you are 18+ and live in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand or any US Military Base in the world, I can help you earn money from home. Just let me know that you are interested, and we can open a conversation about you starting on the path to financial freedom. I am really excited to share this business, and I can help anyone earn $1000 this month.

What would $1000 do for YOU this month? Seriously, write down what you would use $1000 for if you got it on May 15. Would it make a difference for you? I know it is going to make a difference for me. That $1000 is going to pay for me to take my twins to Strasburg, PA for "Day Out With Thomas" in June. Sure, it may sound frivolous to you, but it is something that my son REALLY wants to do. I promised him that when I was promoted to Director VI, I would take the family there. I'm currently Director V. I will end the month at VI and follow through with my promise. What promises would $1000 help you keep?


Total Earned: $6,486.31

Total until $1MILLION: $993,513.69

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