Friday, August 12, 2011

Six Days In and Already a Profit

This is crazy.

I joined this company to help my friend on Saturday. Today is Friday, so it has been six days. In the past six days, three of my friends have joined. Two have signed their enrollment paperwork, and I believe the third one will tonight. I have a lot of other friends and acquaintances thinking about it, too. I'm really excited.

My friend, Raminta, who owns a Marketing & PR firm, joined my team. I know that she is going to succeed, because she is an absolute networking guru. She's got a great personality, and I know that she will do really well. I knew it as soon as she expressed interest.

And I was right. She got her own team member the day after she signed the paperwork to join my team. She placed her order, which hasn't even arrived yet, and already got someone on her team before the ink was dry-- so to speak.

I want to explain how people make a profit with this company. When you get your first order, the kit will be in there and will REALLY open your eyes to compensation. There are charts and everything, which is so helpful. From what I understand, you will earn 7% of product orders off of people that are placed under you. Commissions are only paid out on seven generations.

1st Generation – 5 People
2nd Generation – 25 People (5 people for each of the 1st generation)
3rd Generation – 125 People (5 people each for the 2nd generation)
4th Generation – 625 People (5 people each for the 3rd generation)
5th Generation – 3,125 People (5 people each for the 4th generation)
6th Generation – 15,625 People (5 people each for the 5th generation)
7th Generation – 78,125 People (5 people each for the 6th generation)
So, if you add all of the preferred customers together (generations 1 – 7), you come up with 97,655. (You actually get more first generation positions once you advance in the company, but I want to use seven people for the purpose of my math.) That’s not to say that YOU have to refer 97,655. Through networking and connections and everything else, the people below you refer those people. Ever hear of six degrees of separation? This is it, my dear reader.
So, let’s say you max out and have 97,655 people below you, and you earn a $5 commission on each of them. That makes $488,275 for commissions PER MONTH. Is that ridiculous, or what? Now, I know I am a long way from there. The way to get to that number is through enrolling new preferred customers, having them enroll new customers and so on. Word of mouth. Referrals. You get the idea.
$488,275 is a lot of money. Heck, 1/10 of that is a lot of money!
I'm smart and savvy enough to go after it and get it. I've made $72 in 6 days. Let's say I average $72 per week. That's $3,744 per year that I never had to begin with. That pays for preschool for my twins for the entire year. I'll take it. (I do, however, plan on taking more.)
Want to join my team? Let me know. I'd be happy to get you started.

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