Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easy-Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

I simply cannot believe how easy this business is. I'm nine days into this business, and I'm already a director. That means that 8 people have enrolled under me. I've attempted to make a tree. My enrollees are green, Danielle's are orange, Mike's is dark blue, Angie's is light blue, Gen's are purple, Brenda's are brown, Theresa's is gray and Raminta's is red.

For the record, I've been with this company for 12 days. I have 30 people in my organization, not including myself. THIRTY. Considering each one of those people will place (or already has placed) an order for which I earn about $5, I am looking at $150 in commissions alone. There are 15 green people, for which I will earn a $7 bonus when they place their first order. That is another $105. For 14 of the 15 people, I will earn a minimum of a $25 bonus when they place their order this quarter. That is another $350. Anyone doing the math out there? That is $605.

But, wait. There's more.

Since I advanced to Director, I earned a $100 bonus.  Since I advanced to Director II, I earned a $200 bonus. That puts me at $905.

HOWEVER, if I purchase something from the company that puts me onto a rapid advancing schedule (which I'm already ahead of), my bonuses double. So, my Director bonus is $200 and my Director II bonus is $400. Since I am purchasing this pack (for $199), I'm actually at $1205. Subtract the $199, and I'm at $1006.

I have earned $1006 in 12 days. From home. Seriously.

Now, when Danielle advances to Director, I advance to Director III and I will earn another $600 Pacesetter bonus. Danielle is STEPS away from becoming a Director, and I know that my $600 bonus is right around the corner. That's $1600 in less than two weeks. From home. Without any risk.

I don't get why people wouldn't WANT to do this business. The products, yes, are fantastic. But the business aspect is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Do you want to join my team? Drop me an email. I'm happy to get you started. And, hey, I'm on vacation... I can get you started WITHOUT interfering with my family vacation. how's that for a fantastic work-from-home job??

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