Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Epiphany

I figured out what my problem is with this business. I see that it is a simple business. I see how it works. I see the income potential. I have deposited nice checks into my bank account. I enjoy what I do. I know how to network. I know how to approach people. It is a simple, simple busines, and I am really excited about it.
So, what is my problem? My problem is that I see everything. I automatically assume that others can see the same things that I do and share in my excitement. Then I get frustrated when they don't get it or aren't excited. My problem is that I am so over-excited about this business that I scare people away. I just want everyone to see what this business is, get excited about it, and succeed.

I hate getting the objections, but that is a part of the business. And the cancellations from the people that I have enrolled on my team are part of the business, too. I have enrolled 51 people since I joined on August 7. FIFTY-ONE!!! Of those 51, 17 have cancelled so far and I believe at least three more will be cancelling next month. Still, I have 34 people that I personally enrolled onto my team, and a total of 89 people on my team. There are going to be cancellations. One of the training CDs that I listened to compares the business to driving. If you park your car, you aren't going to get any exhaust. If you drive slowly, you're going to get a little exhaust. If you put it into high gear, you are going to have a lot of exhaust. You can't worry about the exhaust, but just focus on the road in front of you. That's some advice that I really, really need.

The business is a simple one: You enroll people, you shop for your own products, you earn money.  Is it easy to get people to enroll? Not necessarily. A lot of people think that it is a scam, and it's not. A lot of people overthink the business, which is silly because it is such a simple concept. Many people approach the business as a sales job, which is TOTALLY wrong. A lot of people get frustrated when they get objections. Objections are a part of this business, as are cancellations. You just can't get discouraged.

My epiphany? I need to take my own advice.


GOAL: $1,000,000.00

TOTAL EARNED: $3,095.58


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  1. Thanks so much. I really do appreciate it. :)