Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Epiphany

I figured out what my problem is with this business. I see that it is a simple business. I see how it works. I see the income potential. I have deposited nice checks into my bank account. I enjoy what I do. I know how to network. I know how to approach people. It is a simple, simple busines, and I am really excited about it.
So, what is my problem? My problem is that I see everything. I automatically assume that others can see the same things that I do and share in my excitement. Then I get frustrated when they don't get it or aren't excited. My problem is that I am so over-excited about this business that I scare people away. I just want everyone to see what this business is, get excited about it, and succeed.

I hate getting the objections, but that is a part of the business. And the cancellations from the people that I have enrolled on my team are part of the business, too. I have enrolled 51 people since I joined on August 7. FIFTY-ONE!!! Of those 51, 17 have cancelled so far and I believe at least three more will be cancelling next month. Still, I have 34 people that I personally enrolled onto my team, and a total of 89 people on my team. There are going to be cancellations. One of the training CDs that I listened to compares the business to driving. If you park your car, you aren't going to get any exhaust. If you drive slowly, you're going to get a little exhaust. If you put it into high gear, you are going to have a lot of exhaust. You can't worry about the exhaust, but just focus on the road in front of you. That's some advice that I really, really need.

The business is a simple one: You enroll people, you shop for your own products, you earn money.  Is it easy to get people to enroll? Not necessarily. A lot of people think that it is a scam, and it's not. A lot of people overthink the business, which is silly because it is such a simple concept. Many people approach the business as a sales job, which is TOTALLY wrong. A lot of people get frustrated when they get objections. Objections are a part of this business, as are cancellations. You just can't get discouraged.

My epiphany? I need to take my own advice.


GOAL: $1,000,000.00

TOTAL EARNED: $3,095.58


Monday, December 26, 2011

MY Business, MY Terms!

I hate when people try to shove things down my throat about things I "have to" and "don't have to" do. When I started this business, it cost me $1 to enroll, plus 9 cents for tax. I went shopping for $67.04. My total money spent my first month came to $68.13 and my check was $839.26. With the $67.04, I bought some hand soap, dog shampoo (which reminds me, my stinky chihuahua totally needs a bath), crackers, toothpaste, foot spray and a couple of other grocery items. The second month, I spent $238.06 and earned $754 and change. The third month, I spent $71 and change, and made $712. The fourth month, I spent $62 and earned $862. I have earned $3,095.56 and have spent under $450. My profit so far with this company is over $2645, if you include what I spent on shopping for my own items.

I like this business because it is so simple: Refer friends and earn money. Enroll them as either customers or as business builders, and you earn money. Of course, enrolling business builders is more desireable simply because business builders that you enroll help your business grow. Customers are great, too, because that is residual income ALL of the time.

The ladder of success with this company is a simple concept. "All you have to do" is achieve the following rungs to achieve success:

1) Enroll 8 people. You will earn a minimum bonus of $100. You have achieved the rank of Director.
2) Enroll a minimum of 10 people, and have 10 others below you that either you or someone else enrolled. You will earn a minimum bonus of $200. You have achieved the rank of Director II.
3) Help someone you enrolled become a Director. You will earn a minimum bonus of $300. You have achieved the rank of Director III.
4) Help four others you enrolled become a Director. You will have earned a minimum of $6,600 in bonuses while developing these directors. You have achieved the rank of Senior Director. Congratulations! You have qualified for a $400/month car bonus!

That is the first ladder that I am climbing. Right now, I am in-between rungs three and four. It gets SO frustrating that people don't understand this business. The first rung of the ladder is to become a director and enroll eight people. That's it. I enrolled eight people in nine days. (I actually enrolled 23 people in 17 days, and double advanced to Director II in my first month.) One of the people that I developed to director stopped working her business because she decided to open her own baking business. Three people cancelled, dropping her to Marketing Executive IV. She cancelled. I get it.

Someone else that I enrolled and helped get to Director last month had two people cancel, dropping her back down to Marketing Executive IV. It seems to me that she has given up trying this month, which is SO frustrating to me. I know that she'll make Director again, but I really need to get someone to Director by the end of this month. (How about YOU? Would YOU like to work from home?)

I can't MAKE people want to build their business. I can't MAKE them want to earn money. It is unbelievably frustrating, since there is such a simple formula to make money from home: Enroll friends; shop for your own products; earn money, repeat. It isn't rocket science. It's a simple formula to make money from home.

Yet, people do not seem to grasp the idea. They overthink it. They over-analyze it. They think it's too good to be true. They won't try. Why not?? Can someone PLEASE tell me why it is so difficult to grasp and follow this concept? YARGH.

The items that the company sells are products that people would buy in the store ANYWAY... Shampoo, deodorant, conditioner, soap, laundry detergent... It's not like having to lay out extra money for an inventory or for products you wouldn't normally use. You are just switching stores. The products are better quality, all-natural and less expensive. I don't get it.

When I did Mary Kay, I was told that I HAD to purchase a minimum of $200 every two months as an inventory. I HAD to do skin care classes and parties and whatever. My Unit Director was ordering inventory for everyone and sending it to herself so that she could keep her title. It was awful. I haven't sold Mary Kay in two years, and I still have products that I'm listing on eBay.

When I did PartyLite, I HAD to buy a $199 kit with all sorts of products in it. I HAD to have parties. I HAD to meet a quota. I hate selling, so what was the point of me even trying this business? And I still have PartyLite products that I'm listing on eBay.

The same story went for Avon, Aloette, Pampered Chef and MonaVie. I was DONE with these businesses, so I started my own travel & event planning business, Candy Cain Travel. I didn't want to go work for someone else, so I started my own business. When I started with this work from home company in August (2011), I was skeptical. But I've made just under $3100 in four months. It is residual income that I can count on. I get it. Why doesn't anyone else???